Building Impactful Narratives Through Storytelling
March 29, 2022
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October 20, 2022
Building Impactful Narratives Through Storytelling
March 29, 2022
Access Doubles Down on Creator Economy with Expanding Influencer Practice
October 20, 2022

Interning at Access: An Early Career Step Built for a Pathway to Success

By Jonathan Schubert, Senior Account Executive, Content

For recent graduates, pandemic-driven shifts in work styles and company culture present unique opportunities and challenges, with hybrid or even fully remote becoming the new norm. While today’s interns may be trading a cubicle for their desk at home, the skills they learn along the way and the shared experiences they gain remain just as important.

The Access team has a passion for helping our clients uncomplicate the complicated, and our interns play an important role in that process. So, what’s it like to be an intern at Access? We are so glad you asked!

Life at a PR agency is fast-paced, and no two days are ever the same. While working remotely may not be the traditional intern experience, the internship program at Access puts an emphasis on keeping every team member connected, even when we’re spread across the country. With opportunities for team building and workshops to help build critical skills, interns get to learn and connect with their teams on a regular basis.

Interns at Access work on a broad range of accounts across consumer and technology-focused clients. They work closely with their teams on all things account management, developing media relations skills, meeting client needs and executing elements of PR programs.

Creativity is a huge part of what drives the work we do at Access and has a lot to do with what makes us so successful. The internship programs offered at the agency aim to help our new team members take advantage of and unleash their own creativity in a way that makes a meaningful impact for clients.

Don’t just take our word for it though! We sat down with a couple of our interns to learn a little bit more about what interning at Access has been like for them.

Shaanacee Wilson,
graduate intern

First up, Shaanacee Wilson, a graduate intern at Access:

Q: What drew you to take an internship at Access?

Shaanacee: As a recent college graduate, I wanted to gain experience at a public relations agency dedicated to evolving with the communications industry. Based on the reputable clients and expertise in marketing and communications I saw online, I knew Access was the perfect place to grow and learn. Additionally, during my interview process, everyone from HR to account roles was confident in the experience Access offers.

Next, we’ll hear from Charlotte Amsbaugh, a summer intern here at Access:

Q: What are some things you’ve learned since starting your internship at Access?

Charlotte: I’ve gained so much insight into the PR world from my time at Access, including all the different ways agencies work with and support brands, how to write pitches and have effective, purposeful communication with media, and how to create, plan, and execute different PR activations. I have also received invaluable support and career advice from co-workers, mentors, and my manager and coach.

And lastly, we asked our interns what recommendations they would give to anyone looking to follow in their footsteps.

Charlotte Amsbaugh,
summer intern

Q: What recommendations or advice would you give to future interns?

Shaanacee: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your ideas as you work to understand the direction of projects, teams or client goals.

After your first month, create a monthly overview and discuss with your team(s)/ manager what skills and tasks they expect you to perform. Towards the end of the month, write what you learned and ask for feedback from your team(s).

Ask your team(s) how much time you should allocate to a specific task and plug tasks into your calendar to make it easier to stay on track. It’s a great reference when completing your time entry.

Charlotte: My advice to future interns is to engage with your teams as much as possible and focus on all the great connections that you can make at Access. Everyone has so much advice and support to offer – take it! Additionally, you should never be afraid to chime in, participate, or ask questions. Everyone truly is so kind, supportive, and always willing to help.

Interested in applying for an intern position? Apply here!